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Talk about why you should use high frequency transformer


As a common electronic component, high-frequency transformers have seen more in electronic products. Today, Xiaobian saw someone on the Internet asking why high-frequency transformers should be used. So Xiaobian collected and summarized some of this on the Internet. Question, share it with everyone. In order to make everyone understand the high-frequency transformer, this article analyzes the two reasons for using high-frequency transformers, and introduces the source of high-frequency transformers. Please see the detailed analysis below.

High frequency transformer

    Generally, high-frequency transformer switching power supplies and electronic rectifiers are becoming more and more popular because they are used in high-frequency circuits, so they are named "high-frequency transformers". Because the higher frequencies are first obtained, the transformers are designed in actual circuits. The source of the oscillating energy is the transformer output transformer, which combines these two functions.

In the switching power supply, it is probably the principle: the first power supply (50HZ AC) rectification, filtering into DC ------ through the high-frequency transformer oscillation source and high frequency stability (output AC voltage constitutes strictly speaking, one High frequency pulse) ------- DC backup after rectification

There are two reasons:

   1. The high-frequency pulse can be transformed. The common transformer core has no high permeability of the ferrite core. Can't do this.


   2, improve the conversion efficiency, the use of high-frequency power transformers, in the instant power supply tube work - off state, that is, open and close the stop state of the conversion, so we call it "switching power supply." Compared with about 30percent of the traditional transformer core loss is low. Unfortunately, the failure rate is also relatively high. Can learn to be older ballasts and electronic ballasts.


   The above is a small series for everyone to summarize why the use of high-frequency transformers, mainly for the analysis of two points, high-frequency pulse transformation, and improve conversion efficiency, these are high-frequency transformers can be achieved.